Tobias Knerr

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Talks at the State of the Map conference:

  • SotM 2022: Lightning talk (PDF, YouTube, CCC)
  • SotM 2021: 3D Rendering with OSM2World (PDF, YouTube, CCC)
  • SotM 2019: 3D OSM in your Browser (PDF, YouTube, CCC)
  • SotM 2013: 3D Rendering for OpenStreetMap (PDF)

Talks at the FOSSGIS conference:

  • 2022: OSM2World drei Jahre später (PDF, YouTube, CCC)
  • 2019: Facelift für OSM2World (YouTube, CCC)
  • 2018: 3D – Mehr als Gebäude (PDF, CCC)
  • 2018: 3D Model Repository (PDF, CCC)
  • 2017: Google Summer of Code (PDF, YouTube, CCC)
  • 2016: OSM2World hinter den Kulissen (PDF, YouTube)
  • 2015: Tatort Niederbayern (PDF)
  • 2015: Straßenrennen in der Innenstadt (YouTube)
  • 2014: Neues von OSM2World (PDF, YouTube)
  • 2013: 3D-Landschaftsmodelle aus OSM und SRTM (PDF, YouTube)
  • 2012: OSM 3D Block (PDF, YouTube)
  • 2011: OSM2World – 3D-Modelle aus OSM-Daten (PDF, YouTube)

Talks at other events:

  • Indoor Workshop 2022: 3D + Indoor with OSM2World (PDF)
  • Indoor Workshop 2022: Einführung zu OSM (PDF)
  • IEEE Student Branch Passau, 2020: GSoC and OSM (PDF)
  • Ko-HAF-Abschlussevent, 2018: Creation and Deployment of HD Map Data (PDF)
  • Stadtwiki-Tage 2016: OpenStreetMap
  • Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2016: OpenStreetMap in 3D (PDF)
  • Connected Car 2013: Freie 3D-Geodaten (PDF)
  • 2nd 3D Workshop Garching, 2012: Project introduction OSM2World (PDF)

Merging Elevation Raster Data and OpenStreetMap Vectors for 3D Rendering

For my master thesis, I've been building 3D worlds from OpenStreetMap and SRTM data.

Graphdarstellung von OpenStreetMap-Wegedaten

My bachelor thesis (in German) describes the extraction of a routing graph from OpenStreetMap data for visualization purposes.