Tobias Knerr

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Volunteer Open Source projects

OSM2World creates three-dimensional models from OpenStreetMap data.

The converter, started in 2009, can be used to produce output formats ranging from bitmap tiles to models for 3D modelling applications. LGPL-licensed Java source code is available on Launchpad.

GraphView helps mappers spot errors in road network data by displaying a routing graph preview.

I created the first version of this plugin for the Java OpenStreetMap editor as a part of my Bachelor thesis and have since added more features to it. It is currently maintained in the OpenStreetMap SVN repository.

The TTT software tables are a catalogue of the OpenStreetMap software ecosystem.

User-generated content is parsed by a MediaWiki bot written in Scala. A number of tables in the OpenStreetMap wiki provide different views of available programs, filtered by purpose, audience or platform.

Research assistant positions

Ko-PER (2011)

At the University of Passau FORWISS institute, I implemented real-time 3D rendering of map data in a simulation framework using C++ and OpenGL.

Verdikt (2007–2008)

As a research assistant at the Chair of Information Management of the University of Passau, I contributed to Verdikt – a system for document validation.